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Favors and Invitations
Life like Meli - Event Organization - Wedding - Christening - Event Decoration - Serres


The company "Zoi san Meli" based in Serres and store manager Tani Maria, specializes in the creation of unique favors and invitations for weddings and christenings. We undertake to make for you invitations and favors that will reflect your personal character and the style of your event.

At "Life like Honey" we understand that favors and invitations are important elements that give the first and last impression to your guests. That's why we take it upon ourselves to create stylish, innovative and original party favors and invitations that will stand out.

With knowledge of the latest trends and creativity, we design and produce invitations that will exude luxury and elegance, reflecting the personality and theme of your wedding or christening. We also offer a wide variety of materials, designs and colors so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your taste and style.

When it comes to favors, we offer you a wide variety of options, from classic and timeless favors to more modern and trendy versions. With attention to every detail and with knowledge of the latest trends, we create original favors that will impress your guests. We can customize the favors according to the theme, colors and your personal way of thinking, creating a unique result that will be unforgettable.

Trust the company "Life like Honey" to create unique favors and wedding and baptism invitations and let us add a special touch to your events. With our experience, imagination and dedication, we are ready to create an unforgettable and unique wedding or baptism that will remain indelibly in the memory of you and your guests.